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Why beginners need to learn yoga anatomy ?

Beginner yogis are a mixture of enthusiasm. They a fresh outlook on yoga but at the same time bundle of insecurities and fear of being injured can stop them to perform well on and off the mat. Yoga anatomy gives them confidence. It is because they know what they are doing. After all, they can visualize their body while doing asana.

The most important part is after knowing anatomy you will forget the concept of no pain no gain. Now you will follow less pain and more gain.It is predominant to know about the human anatomy before performing or teaching yoga asanas. This way you will be able to teach and train your students in the best way possible.

The human body is a treasure of knowledge. The entire combination of bones, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, joints, nerves and organs regulates our body. Each asana is entitled to the well-being of each mechanism. So, the beginners must be well aware of each part of the body so that they can learn and teach the correct methods.

We all know that a little education is more than dangerous. Many yoga amateurs skip their anatomy learning and get started with their course. But that would indeed hurt themselves along with anyone under their guidance. It is simply being a doctor without any knowledge of proper medication. So, for every new learner, it is highly recommended to explore the interesting human anatomy. You need to consider the fact that every asana targets a specific muscle, bone, or organ and hence, you should prepare yourself well before supervising others.

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Here are the key points that are mandatory for you to know as a yoga learner

  • Movements of the body
  • Muscle type of the body
  • Major joints and the connecting ligaments
  • Spinal cord and its functions
  • Alignment of structures
  • Major bones and the connecting muscles

Along with that, you would also be aware of curing an injury, back pain, or any physical difficulty by executing a specific posture of yoga. But if you are not well informed about the body and its structures, then you might hurt yourself too.

Safe steps towards asana practice –

We all must know that Yoga asanas are meant to improve and motivate the prevailing condition of the body and the mind. The body should feel relaxed and the mind should sense freshness after a successful yoga session.

But we have often noticed that people tend to stress themselves while performing the asanas. As a result, they often hurt themselves physically, or even go through severe anxiety due to wrong or unsafe procedures.

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Here are some safe steps that you must follow while executing the asanas –

There is no competition

Always keep in mind that there is no competition while you are doing your job. Even if you are attending a yoga session in a group, do not try to imitate or copy from anyone else.

Just make sure that you are listening and following the instructions of your instructor. You might be an amateur in Yoga but that is not a drawback.

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If you watch somebody performing the same asana better than, try to get inspired, but do not fall into the complexity. Go slow and make sure to give your body a certain time to absorb the changes.

Do not strain yourself unnecessarily

Yoga is something that should not involve any sort of stress or tension. You must know how to feel and enjoy the entire journey.

So, when you are carrying out a certain posture, see to it that your body does not get hurt or does not feel pain beyond tolerance.

Focusing is important

Note that it is indeed very crucial to focus and exert your entire attention to the asana while performing it. You should not entertain any sort of disturbance or distraction during the course.

You can also put on some light music or instrumental tunes that would help you concentrate better. Calming your mind and body is the ultimate motto that you need to achieve from the session.

Choose your instructor wisely

Though you will get a lot of Yoga instructors who would promise you a pleasant health journey. But not everyone would suit your requirements. Always remember that your trainer should understand your body capabilities more than anything else.

The trainer must not stretch you beyond your capacity. He or she must not force you to go to the point where you are no longer feeling fine or relaxed with a particular asana.

Making you feel motivated is perfectly all right but make sure that you are not challenging yourself unreasonably. Also, see that the trainer fits well in your budget.

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