About Mind Flow Harmony

Mind Flow Harmony came into being after the founders realized the need of imparting yoga in a way that will assist everyone to fulfill their purpose. Someone wants to boost their health, another wants deep healing through yoga, or someone is looking for developing crucial yoga teaching skills; Mind Flow Harmony is dedicated to understanding individual aspirations and then guiding them accordingly.

Yogic Science has given us a way to evolve and experience life intensely.  We consider everything in this existence as sacred including every being. This is why every being who comes to Mind Flow Harmony is treated with sensitivity and awareness.

The founders and teachers at Mind Flow Harmony have gone through a transformative path themselves and earned their mettle. They are convinced that it is possible for everyone to transform with yogic tools. More than 700 yoga teachers with different learning curves have gone through our Yoga Teacher’s Training courses at our center. They have given us the opportunity to understand the human psyche and approach, and therefore, with much experience, we have designed our training modules accordingly.

We Teach What We Preach

The approach that we followed in our yoga journey is to Learn < Experience < Apply. At Mind Flow Harmony, all the limbs of yoga are strategically integrated into the daily routine of the people who come here for training. With multiple breaks in between, one can learn here in a relaxed manner.

We give a lot of emphasis on learning about Human Anatomy and balancing the mind along with diving deep into asanas or yoga postures. Having a devoted mind and heart is the first step to this journey. And to understand how posture makes a difference for us, relevant knowledge of human anatomy is needed. This makes our teaching skills a wholesome process.

As future teachers, how you give cues to the students plays a significant role. For that, one has to experientially observe it. We bring to your notice small-small aspects of asanas that further helps you to get in tune with anyone you teach. This also helps to be mindful of the yoga sequence one follows.

 “Our Methods are universally applicable to all forms of Yoga!”