We are devoted to what we do which includes a conducive environment for the students to learn. We chose this place for upcoming yoga teachers because a silent and natural environment is necessary for an undisturbed learning process.

This extends to the number of people invited in a batch. We prefer to keep a small group in a batch so that everyone can enjoy an interactive environment have quality time with our teachers.

We have a separate room for meditation & reflection with the kind of ambience that keeps you at ease while entering the unknown terrain within yourself. This has a serene vibe and therefore we kept it as a dedicated space only for meditation, where the energy is solely pure and still for the process.

Living at MIND FLOW HARMONY ACADEMY is like living in an ashram but with the comforts of a vacation while learning Yoga & Meditation all in a spiritual environment.

All the rooms are spacious with attached private bathrooms. You will have wardrobes, side tables, fans, and comfortable beds in the rooms with linens and towels.

Due to the pleasant weather, air conditioners are not required in Rishikesh. The bathrooms are western style , equipped with hot showers, extractor fans, and other modern convivences.

You can either choose to live in a twin-sharing room or a private one depending upon your requirement and budget.

There is a dining area where we serve healthy & organic meals and a common area where the students can get together for various purposes.

Mind Flow Harmony is situated in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains, which is the nest for exotic birds and wild animals – an environment where the beauty of nature kisses the heart of every being. It’s in the Rishikesh, a famous place in India known for many things such as nature, mountains, forest, waterfalls, ancient architecture and more including its extraordinary healing effect.
The temperature is moderate climate due to our location. Depending on the season temperatures vary – ranging from 7 degrees Celsius at a night to 16 degrees Celsius in the daytime during winter months.
In the summer temperature range for overnight lows of 18 degrees Celsius to a highs of 40 degrees Celsius during the daytime .
As the seasons change so does the beauty and the colours of the mountains, change in the leaves of the trees , the flowers and fruits.

We are not intending you to ‘Move the Mountains’ when it comes to Yoga. All we want to do is provide you with a natural environment where you can effortlessly enter into the domain of silence & peace that has been unexplored by you despite carrying this place in your heart all your life. A place like this could be your exploration of Y-O-G-A and MEDITATION.


Due to the immeasurably beautiful environment, MIND FLOW HARMONY centre at Rishikesh carries a vibe of peace and love that heals one from within and sways ahead to be more aware of a deep connection and oneness with the universe. This is a whole new world in itself,, organic, easy-breezy and cozy. Sivalik Hills and lesser Himalayas surrounding the valley have made a cocoon of cosmic love where one can dive deep into the spiritual dimension.