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If you’re looking for a way to relieve stress and improve your flexibility, Yin Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India might be the answer. Rishikesh offers a serene and peaceful environment, perfect for immersing oneself in the practice of yoga. It is also home to numerous ashrams and yoga schools that offer Yin Yoga Teacher Training courses taught by experienced and certified yoga teachers.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India is an intensive program designed to equip yoga practitioners with the necessary skills and knowledge to teach Yin yoga to others. It typically involves a 50 hour, 100 hour, 200 hour certification course, yoga Nidra that covers yin yoga poses, anatomy and physiology, meditation and breathing techniques, sequencing, and teaching methodology.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be certified Yin Yoga Teachers and eligible to teach Yin yoga classes to others. Rishikesh a scenic town situated on the banks of the holy river Ganges and is considered the Yoga Capital of the World and is home to some of the best yoga schools in India.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Course Curriculum

Module 1

Introduction of Yin yoga

• Explore the yin & yang concept
• Why Yin Yoga
• Physical and mental benefits
• History of yin yoga

Module 2

Inside the joints

• Learn the inside anatomy of 6 major joint complex
• Joint range of motion
• Active vs passive stretch
• Understand the concept of stretch vs stress the joint

Module 3

Connective issues

• Understand the Ligaments and tendons
• Ligaments in 6 major joint complexes
• Working with ligaments and tendons injuries

Module 4

Tension vs compression

• Understand the difference between tension and compression
• Experience the tension and compression on the mat and learn how to deal with it
• Practice and alignment of yin yoga practice
• Science of stretching

Module 5

Nervous system

• Function of nervous system
• Understand the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system
• Understand the connection between the nervous system and restorative yoga

Module 6

Unfold the anatomy of fascia

• What is facia?
• Function of fascia
• Types of fascia
• Yin practice for fascia release

Module 7

Functional Anatomy of the Psoas

• Psoas attachments
• Joint motions and centration
• Functional anatomy of the Psoas

Module 8

Yin & Breathing

• Introduction of yin and breathing
• Lengthening the exhale& parasympathetic flow
• Viloma 3 parts of exhale
• Square breathing

Module 9

How to teach & sequence yin class

• Stages of theming the class
• Steps for pre post and during the class
• The language of yin
• Teaching methodology
• Steps for developing a personal practice

Mind Flow Harmony Uniqueness In Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program In Rishikesh

As we all know there are many best yoga schools and Ashram in Rishikesh which are offering best yoga teacher training programs. All are unique in their own way of training and practice. But among all Mind Flow Harmony is the best option you should go for.

Mind Flow Harmony yin yoga teacher training program is designed to provide you with a holistic education that includes not only asana practice but also pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, and teaching methodology.

At Mind Flow Harmony, we believe that yin yoga is not just a physical practice, but also a spiritual journey that can help you connect with your true self and live a more authentic and fulfilling life. Our yin yoga teacher training program is designed to help you cultivate this deeper connection and bring the benefits of yin yoga to others.

yin yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India
yin yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India

Our 100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is designed to help you access your inner landscape and feel lighter and more energized. Through the practice of Yin Yoga, we target the deep connective tissue and the meridians that run through it. This type of yoga is based on the ancient practices of 5 element and meridian theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Although the movements may appear subtle, their effects can be profound. Not only can Yin Yoga help improve physical health, it can also help improve mental wellbeing.

yin yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India
yin yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India
yin yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India
yin yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India

During the yin yoga teacher training program, you will learn:

  • The principles of yin yoga and how to adapt the practice to different body types and levels of experience
  • Techniques for teaching yin yoga classes, including sequencing, cuing, and adjusting
  • Anatomy and physiology of the body’s connective tissues, including fascia, ligaments, and tendons
  • Pranayama and meditation techniques to deepen your practice and cultivate mindfulness
  • The history and philosophy of yin yoga and its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy
  • Business and marketing skills to help you build a successful yin yoga teaching career

The Mind Flow Harmony Yoga School instructs on the fundamental aspects of practicing and teaching Yin Yoga. The Yin Yoga Teacher Training program is beneficial for individuals who aspire to instruct Yin Yoga or seek to acquire a more profound comprehension of the practice. Indulge yourself in the Yin Yoga Class and relish in genuine tranquility with the Yin Yoga Programs provided, including the 50 Hour and 100 Hour Yin yoga teacher training, hosted at our Yoga School located in the holy city of Rishikesh.

Certification is awarded upon completion of the Yin Yoga Class offered by the Mind Flow Harmony Yoga School in Rishikesh. The course is sanctioned by Yoga Alliance, and Continuing Education contact hours are available. Participants who successfully complete the program are issued a certificate of completion.

Our program is led by experienced and certified yoga teachers who have a deep knowledge of yin yoga and a passion for sharing their wisdom with others. They will guide you through a rigorous and transformative training that will help you develop your own personal practice and become a skilled and confident yin yoga teacher.

Who Can Join Yin Yoga Teacher Training?

To join the Yin Yoga Teacher Training (TTC), candidates must have:

Date & Course Fees Of 14 Days Yin Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh in 2024

Course Name
DateAvailabilityShared RoomBooking
Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh10th Jan - 23rd Jan 2024
Booking Closed
850 USDBooking Closed
Yin Yoga Teacher In India10th Feb - 23rd Feb 2024
Booking Closed
850 USDBooking Closed
Yin Yoga Course in Rishikesh10th March - 23rd March 2024
Booking Closed850 USDBooking Closed
Yin Yoga Rishikesh10th May - 23rd May 2024
4 Seat Left ✓
850 USDBook Now
Yin Yoga TTC in Rishikesh10th June - 23rd June 2024
7 Seat Left ✓
850 USDBook Now
Best Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh10th Aug - 23rd Aug 20245 Seat Left ✓
850 USDBook Now
Yin Yoga Course in Rishikesh10th Sep - 23rd Sep 20245 Seat Left ✓
850 USDBook Now
Yin Yoga Rishikesh10th Oct - 23rd Oct 20245 Seat Left ✓
850 USDBook Now
Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh10th Nov - 23rd Nov 20245 Seat Left ✓
850 USDBook Now

Course: Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

10th Jan - 23rd Jan 2024

Shared Room


Course: Yin Yoga Teacher In India

10th Feb - 23rd Feb 2024

Shared Room


Course: Yin Yoga Course in Rishikesh

10th March - 23rd March 2024

Shared Room


Course: Yin Yoga Rishikesh

10th May - 23rd May 2024

Shared Room


Course: Yin Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

10th June - 23rd June 2024

Shared Room


Course: Best Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

10th Aug - 23rd Aug 2024

Shared Room


Course: Yin Yoga Course in Rishikesh

10th Sep - 23rd Sep 2024

Shared Room


Course: Yin Yoga Rishikesh

10th Oct - 23rd Oct 2024

Shared Room


Course: Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

10th Nov - 23rd Nov 2024

Shared Room


Refund Policy

  • All deposits are non-refundable but can be transferred to other upcoming trainings at Mind Flow Harmony Yoga Academy.
  • The deposit is valid for 3 months.
  • If you wish to cancel, be sure to notify Mind Flow Harmony of your cancelation at least one week before the course start date.
  • Once training is started, no cancellation will be accepted.

Sample Schedule 14 Days Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh

6:00 AM

Wake up

7:00 AM to 8:30 AM


8:30 AM to 9:00 AM

Tea/Fruits in silence

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Yin Yoga Practice

10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Brunch with Silence

12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

Anatomy & Physiology

The Right Schedule for the Right Practice

The course’s modules, which cover the following topics are meant to gradually and methodically improve your knowledge and teaching abilities. The curriculum is custom-designed based on our own experiences while we were learning as well as teaching.

Yoga Teacher Training In Risihkesh
Yin Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Yin Philosophy

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Yang Practice (Fast pace yoga style)

6:30 PM to 7:30 PM


7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Mantra Chanting/ Silent meditation/ Satsang/Community time

9:00 PM

Lights off

Note: Schedule is subjected to change.

Fees Includes - Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh Accommodations, Food Etc.

Rishikesh has a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. From simple guesthouses to luxury hotels, you can find a place to stay that suits your needs.

Many of the yoga schools and ashrams in Rishikesh offer accommodation as part of their yin yoga teacher training courses. The food in Rishikesh is predominantly vegetarian, and there are many restaurants that serve delicious and healthy vegetarian food.

  • Certificate of completion OR Eligibility to register with Yoga Alliance upon completion of the course.
  • 14 nights accommodation.
  • Complimentary pick-up from Dehradun Airport (DED) to the school.
  • 1 full-body Ayurvedic massage with herbal oil.
  • Two  fresh organic nutritious vegetarian meals each day for the duration of the training, including all-day, help-yourself-filtered water, and herbal teas (Vegan and gluten-free options available).
  • Mind Flow Harmony course manual, shatkarma cleansing kit, 2 textbooks, and pen.
  • 1 special meditation session of the most appreciated emotional release: letting go of past painful emotions.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is a slow-moving form of yoga that focuses on long-held stretches, generally 3-5 minutes, targeting the connective tissues in the body, such as tendons, ligaments, and fascia. It is a passive practice that involves little to no muscular effort and is often described as a meditative practice that allows practitioners to connect with their inner selves.

Three Laws of the Yin practice:

The practice is based on the principles of Yin and Yang, which are two complementary and interconnected energies that underpin the universe. Yin is associated with stillness, darkness, and the feminine, while Yang represents movement, light, and the masculine. In Yin Yoga, the focus is on stillness and surrender, which allows us to connect with our deeper selves and access a state of relaxation and healing.

In the practice of Yang styles of Yoga, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, or Ashtanga, the emphasis is on strengthening the muscles through repetitive and forceful movements. However, when it comes to training the connective tissues, this approach is not effective. Unlike muscles, connective tissues respond better to slow and sustained movements. Yin Yoga postures are specifically designed to target the connective tissues of the body.

In a Yin practice, the practitioner holds a relaxed posture for a prolonged period, usually three to five minutes. This causes positive stress on the connective tissues, which activates the body’s natural repair response, resulting in a stronger, more durable, and suppler body.

The three principles of Yin practice that govern all Yin poses are as follows:

1. Find Your Edge: It is essential to come into a pose at an appropriate depth that suits the body’s limits. Rushing to go deeper into a pose may lead to injury. Hence, it is necessary to give the body time to explore the pose and gradually go deeper. While holding the posture, strive for positive discomfort, rather than unbearable pain.

2. Find Stillness: Yin practice is all about stillness. Once you find your edge and settle into the pose, aim for stillness of the body, breath, and mind. The stillness of the body allows the deep stretch to sink into the joints, while stillness of the breath and mind helps to relax the body and mind.
There are three types of stillness:

  • Stillness of the body – where the muscles become inactive, allowing the deep stretch to sink into the joints.
  • Stillness of the breath – where the breath becomes quiet, soft, subtle, and gentle, helping to calm the body and mind.
  • Stillness of the mind – where the mind becomes calm, allowing the breath and body to relax fully.

3. Let Time Flow : Yin yoga is not about quantity; it’s about quality. The focus here is to spend a substantial amount of time in each pose in a deep, concentrated way. The strength of yin yoga comes from this flow of time. The longer you hold, the deeper you go. The deeper you go, the deeper you heal. The deeper you heal, the better you will feel. Understand the body and hold the pose for a duration that your body permits.

Benefits of Yin Yoga

  • Stress Relief: Yin Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety. By holding postures for longer periods, the body is given time to release tension and relax deeply. The practice also promotes mindfulness and self-awareness, which can help in the treatment of stress-related disorders like depression and anxiety.
  • Improved Flexibility: The long holds in Yin Yoga can help to increase flexibility in the body, particularly in areas that are prone to stiffness such as the hips, lower back, and shoulders. By holding poses for an extended period, the body’s tissues are given time to elongate and stretch, leading to improved flexibility over time.
  • Better Joint Health: Yin Yoga can be beneficial for those with joint issues such as arthritis or stiffness. The practice involves gentle movements and stretches that help to lubricate the joints and reduce inflammation, leading to improved joint health and mobility.
  • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Yin Yoga can be a useful tool for athletes who are looking to improve their performance. The practice can help to increase flexibility, prevent injuries, and improve overall body awareness, leading to better results on the field or in the gym.
  • Mental Clarity: Yin Yoga is known for its ability to calm the mind and promote mental clarity. By focusing on the breath and holding poses for an extended period, the mind is given a chance to slow down and become more present in the moment. This can lead to increased focus, creativity, and productivity in other areas of life.

Why choose Rishikesh for Yin Yoga Teacher Training

It is widely known that there are many excellent yoga schools and Ashrams in Rishikesh which offer top-quality yin yoga teacher training programs. Each of these programs offers a unique approach to yoga instruction and practice.

The city is home to many of the best yoga schools and Ashrams in the world, each of which offers a unique approach to yoga practice and teacher training. However, among these esteemed institutions, Mind Flow Harmony stands out for its excellence and dedication to providing students with the best possible experience.

The teachers and instructors at Mind Flow Harmony have years of experience and offer an integrated approach to yoga that incorporates both physical and spiritual elements. In addition, Mind Flow Harmony provides a safe and supportive environment for students to learn, practice and grow in their yoga journey.

Rishikesh offers a unique and authentic yoga experience that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. Its natural beauty, spiritual significance, thriving yoga community, and variety of yin yoga teacher training courses make it the perfect destination for anyone who is serious about their yoga practice.

In addition, Rishikesh is also a popular destination for yoga retreats, yoga ashrams, and other yoga courses. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, there is something for everyone in Rishikesh.

Yoga Nidra For Sleep And Anxiety
yin yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India

Furthermore, Rishikesh offers a variety of yin yoga teacher training courses, and many of them are registered with Yoga Alliance, which is a globally recognized organization that sets standards for yoga teacher training programs.

What Does Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Involves

Yin yoga teacher training curriculum typically covers a range of topics related to the practice and teaching of yin yoga. Participants will gain an understanding of the physical and energetic body, learn the history and principles of Yin Yoga, and explore the therapeutic aspects of the practice. Through lectures, practice, and discussion, participants will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently teach Yin Yoga.

Meet Our Yoga School Teacher's

This is our perspective

Yin Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is an excellent opportunity for those looking to expand their knowledge and practise of Yin Yoga. Rishikesh has plenty to offer if you’re looking for a yin yoga teacher training programme, a yoga retreat, an ashram experience, or an individual yoga course.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India can be a transformative experience that allows individuals to deepen their personal practise, explore their inner self, and gain a better understanding of the mind-body connection.

We invite you to join us for our next yin yoga teacher training certification course in Rishikesh, India and experience the transformative power of this ancient practice for yourself. Whether you are an experienced yoga teacher looking to expand your skills or a beginner looking to deepen your practice, our program has something to offer you.


Mind Flow Harmony Yoga Academy - RishikeshExcellentMind Flow Harmony Yoga Academy - Rishikesh4.8 Based on 75 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onNina S.Nina S. ★★★★★ I came here with the expectation to get more knowledge on how to improve my physical asanas - and find more stability in my everyday life. And now one month after completing my 200 hrs Hatha training training, I can confidently say, that I found so much more.I learned so much about the whole concept behind yoga and I understand yoga now as not only asanas and physical exercise anymore but a set of different tools that help me to be more balanced and calm.As the classes are kept small with a maximum of 10 people, the atmosphere is very personal and really aligned with your individual feelings. Sana and Yogesh make sure one feels comfortable and are always there if any support is needed, which made me feel very safe but also allowed me to be vulnerable.The teachers are amazing, and experts in every single subject they teach:- Yogesh, who taught me so much about the anatomy behind yoga and especially the influence of our nervous system which helped me to cope better with stress.- Sana, who pushed me beyond my boundaries in dynamic meditation and helped me to open up to feeling I was suppressing for years.- Megha, who inspired me with her strict and warm-hearted open very detailed hatha teaching.- Nitin, who has such a sunny warm energy that you just feel joy being around him, even though ashtanga wasn’t my favourite style.- And last but not least the amazing inspiring yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation teacher Som, who really catched me on a different level. Words can’t describe how much I learned from him and his calming and modest manner. The pranayama is super helpful for me to really find focus on my mind.Thanks a lot for this unforgettable and impactful experience again!If you are still thinking if this is the right yoga school, I really hope to take any doubts from you - because this is definitely the best decision you can do.Response from the ownerDear Nina,Thank you so much for sharing your transformative journey with us! We're overjoyed to hear about your incredible experience during your 200-hour Hatha training with us.It's truly heartening to know that our holistic approach to yoga resonated with you deeply. We believe that yoga is not just about physical postures but a comprehensive set of tools for achieving balance and tranquility in all aspects of life. Your words beautifully capture the essence of what we strive to impart to our students.Creating an intimate and supportive environment is paramount to us, and we're thrilled that you felt nurtured and encouraged throughout your time with us. Our dedicated team, including Yogesh, Sana, Megha, Nitin, and Som, pour their expertise and passion into every class, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and guidance.Your detailed appreciation of each teacher and their unique contributions to your journey is truly touching. We're immensely grateful for your kind words, and we'll be sure to pass along your praises to the entire team.Your endorsement means the world to us, and we're thrilled to have played a part in your yoga evolution. Thank you for choosing us as your yoga school, and we look forward to welcoming you back for further exploration and growth on the mat.With gratitude and warm regards,Zainab kotti padmekotti padme ★★★★★ I joined 100h Yin Yoga TTC.I'm not good at English.But every teachers kindly politely teached me.I could finish course with many new knowledge.And location is also so nice.There is waterfall in front of ashram.I can listen waterfall's sound in my room and yoga hall.So I enjoyed 2weeks.Kosuke from Japan.Response from the ownerDear Kotti Padme,Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed your time during the 100 hour Yin Yoga TTC despite any language barriers.We're thrilled to know that our teachers provided you with kind and polite guidance throughout the course, ensuring that you were able to grasp new knowledge and complete the program successfully. It's heartening to hear that you felt supported and encouraged despite any language challenges.The serene location of our ashram, with the soothing sound of the waterfall nearby, truly adds to the overall experience. We're glad that you found it to be a peaceful and enjoyable environment, conducive to your practice and relaxation.Thank you for choosing to spend your two weeks with us, and we're grateful for your positive feedback regarding the rooms, service, and location. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're thrilled to have contributed to your enriching yoga journey.We hope to welcome you back in the future for further exploration and growth on the mat.Warm regards,Zainab Ena ParikhEna Parikh ★★★★★ It was an amazing experience everyone was so supportive I have learned hath yog from Rohit sir and he taught me very calmly😌Thank you 🙏🏻Response from the ownerDear Ena Parikh,Thank you immensely for taking the time to share your experience with us! We're thrilled to hear that you had an amazing time during your yoga journey with us.It's wonderful to know that you found our team to be supportive throughout your time at our center. We believe in fostering a nurturing environment where everyone feels encouraged and uplifted on their path to wellness.We're glad that Rohit sir's teaching style resonated with you and that you found his approach to teaching hatha yoga to be calming. Our instructors are dedicated to guiding each student with patience and expertise, ensuring a fulfilling learning experience.Your gratitude is deeply appreciated, and we're honored to have been a part of your yoga journey. Thank you for recognizing our efforts in providing top-notch rooms, service, and location. Your feedback means the world to us and motivates us to continue striving for excellence.We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you back for more enriching experiences in the future.With warm regards,Zainab Catherine Smith (Cate)Catherine Smith (Cate) ★★★★★ I had a wonderful experience at Mind Flow Harmony completing the Yoga Anatomy and Therapy course. It is a well rounded course with brilliant teachers covering a variety of topics. The anatomy and therapy modules are so informative and covering mental and emotional aspects as well as physical.The pranayama and hatha teachings were taught with such depth of knowledge and authenticity. Studying here was another level. Being in a small group of 10 across multiple courses meant there was time and space for deep discussions and the teachers went above and beyond to cater for everyone's needs. I'm really pleased I picked this school; being up the hill away from the busyness of the town was an added bonus. Swimming in the stream was wonderful. Thanks Yogesh!Response from the ownerDear Catherine (Cate) Smith,Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience at Mind Flow Harmony! We're thrilled you enjoyed our Yoga Anatomy and Therapy course. Our small group setting ensures personalized attention, and our teachers provide depth of knowledge with authenticity. The serene location away from town adds to the experience. We appreciate your feedback on the rooms, service, and location. Looking forward to welcoming you back!Warm regards,Mind Flow Harmony Team Key LoKey Lo ★★★★★ Mind Flow Harmony Yoga Academy, 200 hours yoga TTC.I would love to share my thoughts about my experience in the Academy. This was an amazing journey for me, I found here profound knowledge of Yoga, not only in physical practice of doing asanas, which was exceptionally helpful (fantastic teachers team), but a brilliant and rare information about anatomy (many thanks to Yogesh), philosophy, which gave me an understanding of spiritual principles of Yoga, meditation practice (allows to feel more connected to yourself, body and mind), mantra chanting (excellent practice to clean mind and feel real emotions). The information is well structured and explained. Though I've been practicing Yoga more than 10 years, after this course I reconsidered my previous experience, and adjusted my vision of Yoga, both in asanas practice and Yoga philosophy perception. This place is a hidden gem in Himalayas, situated in beautiful environment, where you can find peace for mind and time for a deep practice. I really appreciate this place and people who have enough courage to do something they truly believe in. Many thanks to Zainab and Yogesh for their care and knowledge. I highly recommend the Academy for anybody who wants to develop in Yoga practice or feels tired on his or her journey and search for time and space to find a connection to inner voice.Namaste🙏Response from the ownerDear Key Lo,Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us at Mind Flow Harmony Yoga Academy! We're thrilled to hear about your transformative experience during our 200-hour yoga TTC.Your words resonate deeply with us, and we're delighted that you found profound knowledge and exceptional teaching in our academy. Our dedicated team, especially Yogesh, strives to provide comprehensive insights into yoga, including anatomy, philosophy, meditation, and mantra chanting.It's heartening to know that our structured approach has helped you reconsider and enhance your vision of yoga, both in practice and philosophy. We're honored to be considered a hidden gem in the Himalayas, offering a serene environment for deep practice and self-discovery.We're grateful for your appreciation of our efforts and for recognizing the courage it takes to pursue our beliefs. Thank you for your kind words, Key. We're here to support you on your yoga journey, and we look forward to welcoming you back for further growth and connection.Namaste 🙏,Mind Flow Harmony Yoga Academy Team js_loader
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Code Of Conduct

(Please read them carefully)

  1. Be punctual and attend all classes otherwise your enrollment will be canceled without giving you a refund.
  2. Treat others respectfully and avoid any kind of harassment or violence.
  3. Make use of polite language and avoid insults, abusive language, insults, or verbal threats.
  4. Stay away from public displays of affection, nudity, and maintain celibacy during the course of yoga.
  5. You should not use alcohol or drugs to maintain focus and learning environment.
  6. Also, maintain silence from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am and avoid making any kind of false statements.
  7. Do not enter into relationships that will be perceived as unequal.
  8. Stay away from smoking, alcohol, drugs, and eating meat, fish, or eggs at the time of the program.
  9. Photography and filming are generally not allowed.
  10. Make the students stay in the assigned town venue throughout their stay unless agreed upon.
  11. There will be no refund or fees adjustment for students who are leaving the course before completion.
  12. Engage in daily Karma Yoga to reduce ego.
  13. Skipping the program without permission may result in termination.
  14. Maintain a positive and team-oriented attitude.
  15. Inform the lead teacher if you need any assistance.
  16. Mind Flow Harmony Yoga Academy is not arranging for guests of students and unrelated activities are also not allowed.
  17. Notify the academy in advance if you are skipping a meal to prevent food wastage.
  18. Settle all fees and return library books before leaving the academy.
  19. You should understand that breaking rules may lead to expulsion without refunds.
  20. Understand the intensive and challenging nature of the program which will need full-time commitment and the absence of other activities.