Founder's Vision

Yoga is a living process that can empower every being in such a way that they can access their own core. It is about dissolving our compulsiveness harmoniously and shining out our true nature. Mind Flow Harmony was created with a few visions. Here we share with you what indeed drove us.

Yoga transforms people inside out at their own pace. That is why we have the vision to impart yogic tools to everyone in a way suited to them. We do not use the umbrella rule here. We understand that everyone is a unique person, hence, we deal with them as needed.

Yoga Teacher Training In Risihkesh

Authenticity is the baseline! We, ourselves have gone through many yogic processes in various yoga teaching places. Leaving out the pebbles of confusion, we gathered the authentic practices and teachings that could be absorbed by the humans of this era, maintaining a fair balance in their life.

There is an aspiration in every human being to grow. However, with misleading conditioning of competitiveness, we all have started judging our growth based on other people’s standing. We are trying to instill the true spirit of yoga where aspirations are enhanced with a clarity that every person has his own path and his growth is totally dependent on how much consciousness he cultivates in himself. Hence, we strive to bring out wholesomeness in future teachers who further inspire others.

Students learn several step-by-step processes on how to transcend their limitations so that they blossom into a higher possibility in this world, without making yoga a marketplace product. They develop the ability to experience the profoundness of yoga and once they are touched by its true essence, they can’t stop but evolve beyond their imagination.

We wanted to save you time and energy! One who isn’t aware of the required scope of technical knowledge may keep reading and researching endlessly in bits and pieces, and still may doubt whether it is enough. We know the pain of this confusion. Therefore, after much scrutiny, we have personally designed the scope and structure of the course in such a way, that it will equip you with the fundamental knowledge to become a better yoga teacher.