Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

(1) The following provisions provide information about the program booking terms and conditions & Refund Policy:

All Yoga TTC participants or anyone who is willing to avail of any other course that will be conducted at the physical premise of Mind Flow harmony must pay a deposit equal to 20% of the total booking price at the time of registration in order to participate in the program. All of the terms and conditions described below are accepted by the payee upon payment of this first deposit.

(a) The applicant may utilize the initial deposit for a period of one year (365 days) starting on the day the deposit is received. Any initial booking that is moved to a later time will be subject to the fees, charges, and conditions in effect at that time. Without exception, every deposit paid is neither refundable nor transferable.

(b) Once the program starts the remaining 80% of the booking cost, or any balance, is completely due and payable upon arrival.

(c) In case of any extraordinary or unavoidable circumstances, if the applicant decides to forfeit or cancel the program, or is unable to attend the program, the management may decide whether to partially reimburse or not. Management has complete authority over any kind of refund, and each decision is handled individually. Management has unquestionable authority to deny any refund request. Under no circumstances there will be full reimbursement of the fee.

(2) Below are the terms of the contract in regard to any party that Mind Flow Harmony deals with as a part of the business including customers, third-party vendors, service providers, and collaborators.


The service taken or provided by the customer and service provider respectively is non-transferable. Written consent of the management of Mind Flow Harmony is required for any exception case. The service for the fee paid by a client may be used within a year, as specified in Clause 1(A)(a) of Terms & Conditions, but only with the management’s explicit agreement.

Governing Law

This document’s terms of service are regulated by Indian law. Any party associated with Mind Flow Harmony including the customer and service provider is thus urged to interpret the terms of service in accordance with current Indian law, disregarding any inconsistencies that may result from the differing requirements of several laws. If there is a dispute, it must first be settled arbitrarily or outside of court. In any case, if the dispute is not settled arbitrarily, the Mind Flow Harmony location’s local court will have jurisdiction over the case.

Modifications or Amendments

At any moment, Mind Flow Harmony retains the right to modify, amend, revoke, or add terms at its sole discretion. We reserve the right to publish a notice or communicate by any other mode, be it electronic or telephonic or in person, of any alteration at least two weeks, or fourteen days, in advance of any change pertaining to a specific customer where it is in regards to the customer’s particular course. It will be assumed that you agree to the new terms if you continue to use our services after any amendment or change to the terms that are posted on this website. It is encouraged for users not to continue using this website if they disagree with any of the terms of service conditions.

Intellectual Copyright

The rules governing intellectual property and copyright apply to and are designed to protect the information that is made available, sent, or displayed on this website. Any effort or action to change, republish, publish, or distribute the material on this website is illegal, and anybody found guilty of such behavior may face legal repercussions.

General Information

Being the owner and manager of www.mindflowharmony.com, Mind Flow Harmony’s top priority is to protect the privacy of the information that customers supply. Mind Flow Harmony only collects, utilize, and share information solely for business purpose regarding the service that we provide. We do not use customer data for any other purpose.

Limitation of Liability

The website’s services may include links to other third-party services that are controlled and owned by other service providers or organizations. We cannot take any responsibility for the services offered by third-party websites or services as Mind Flow Harmony does not oversee or run them in any manner. Furthermore, Mind Flow Harmony disclaims all liability and responsibility for any direct or indirect losses incurred by users as a result of their use of, or reliance on, any third-party services, websites, products, or material. We suggest you to visit the relevant pages and carefully read them because their terms of service, cookie policy, and privacy policy control their party services.

Termination of Contract

Mind Flow Harmony expects customers to follow diligently the code of conduct at the premises while they are here. Any infringement of the contractual terms or code of conduct may result in the termination of the contract without any refund. In addition, if a customer is found to damage in any way the movable or immovable items or property that belongs to or is leased in by Mind Flow Harmony, the customer shall compensate the full cost for the damage plus a penalty of 25% of the total cost of damage. On the occurrence of such an event, Mind Flow Harmony reserves the right to deny service to the customer in the future as well.


It is conceivable that the content or information made accessible on www.mindflowharmony.com  may contain minor unintentional errors or include typing/grammar mistakes, despite our best efforts to give you accurate and trustworthy data and facts. As a result, the website’s owner cannot attest to the truth or accuracy of any claims, suggestions, or opinions made on www.mindflowharmony.com. Mind flow Harmony disclaims all liability and responsibility for any loss or harm a user may incur as a result of acting on the basis of information found on the website. Additionally, Mind Flow Harmony has the right to modify the products or services supplied at any time and to add, update, edit, or remove any material that is published on the website. This website’s content, services, and information are offered “as is,” disclaiming all implied or stated warranties or representations, including those about non-infringement, merchantability, or suitability for any purpose.

The aforementioned terms and conditions, as well as any express or implied agreements made between the applicant and the parties mentioned here, will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Indian law and will fall under the jurisdiction of the courts located in the state of Uttarakhand.