Online Applied Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training

We, at Mind Flow Harmony, strongly believe that yoga teachers stand to gain a lot from the knowledge of Yoga Anatomy – enhanced safety and development for the teacher and their students, improved injury prevention, faster healing, and a more profound understanding of the philosophies of yoga – to name a few. Driven by this belief, the team at Mind Flow Harmony put together the Applied Yoga Anatomy course to guide yoga practitioners towards understanding the structure of the human body. This knowledge can automatically help them boost the effectiveness of the asanas while protecting the body from injuries in the best possible way. Between themselves, the ten modules in this course encompass the most critical human body systems and functions – the joints, the spine, the hip, the knee and ankle joints, the shoulder joint, the respiratory system & breathing, the nervous system, and nasal functions & Pranayama – where singular modules are dedicated to each system, paving the way for meaningful engagement.

In addition to exploring the human anatomy in conjunction with yoga, students will immensely benefit from:

Live Zoom Classes.

Small class size to promote personalized learning.

Online Applied Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training Curriculum

This training contains 9 modules and provides 20-hours of continuing education. It contains lectures on applied yoga anatomy, connective tissues, biomechanics of joints, and nervous system in connection with the movement. You will get to learn how to apply the principles of applied yoga anatomy to each asana category i.e., spine flexibility, inside the hamstring, forward bends, twists, and breathing, to lead smooth and safe practice.


The only criterion for our students is that they have an open mind and an appetite for learning and growth. At least 2 months of Yoga Practice is recommended though not required or Yoga Teachers interested in deepening the understanding of yoga Anatomy to help their students’ progress safely into their practice and be able to help them to heal from onset injuries with the CORRECT preparation.


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