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meditation journey

My meditation journey and why you should do it too

My meditation practice began 2 years ago, I am very private person, ever since a child I struggled with understand myself, this led to difficult relationships with my family and friends As I became older, I started became more self-aware that something wasn’t right was desperate to learn more about myself.

I often experienced periods of chronic stress, anxiousness, went through attacks of depression and insomnia that left me awake for nights in a row. Feeling overwhelmed, and helpless as life became intolerable, I was not able to understand my feelings and why my body often ached. I reached a point where I wanted to give up on my life.

A close friend advised me to take up Vipassana for 10 days, for the pain that I was in: Vipassana is a process of observing silence for a specified time period in order to achieve a deep inter connection between mind & body. After spending 10 days of an incredible experience of Vipassana, I realised the mind is the source of all suffering, mind is powerful tool, I am NOT my mind, Nothing last forever. Thus, Whole vipassana journey made me realised the importance of Meditation.

I wanted to understand more and improve my mental and physical awareness which led me to explore further into Meditation and Yoga. To educate myself to an advanced level I have spent several years studying and practising Meditation and Yoga with the world’s best gurus in their homeland; Rishikesh, India.

Meditation has changed my life; So, what happened? Well, I discovered that my mind was absolutely crazy. In six minutes of meditating, it bounced around to subjects spanning from thinking about lunch to what happened at work the day before. I got side-tracked thinking about somebody who pissed me off years ago, and I thought about how I carelessly upset a friend last week.

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My mind jumped to bills I needed to pay, and then I went over my “to-do” list for the next day, and I thought about what I will make for dinner.

My mind was like a puppy, awkwardly hopping from object to object, and unable to settle on any one thing for more than a few seconds. And the really bad part was, I couldn’t stop it. I tried to — I “willed” myself to stop it, I commanded myself to stop it…all to no avail.

It wasn’t until sometime later I started exploring and studying mediation in deeper level, and I came to understand how it actually works. Our minds are habitual —they never stop.

Have you ever said, “My mind is racing?” Or, “I can’t stop thinking?” Our minds are always “on” thinking, processing etc. the realisation of this that you sometimes have is the few occasions when you actually notice it.

Your mind keeps you up at night, it pulls you into the past to make you regret things you did or didn’t do, it creates worries about the future, and it forces you to stay on (and stress about) so many things…that person who did wrong to you at work or school, your financial worries, stress from job, augments with your partner

The list is endless!

The problem is, most of us don’t realize any of this is going on. We simply get swept away by all of it; we spend most of our days “lost in thought” without realising we’re lost in thought!

Our mood swings, we get depressed, we get anxious, we question ourselves and our abilities, and we say or do things that we regret later. We spend most of our life on “autopilot,” following our minds wherever they lead. Then we talk about our stress, our anxiety, the pressure of our job, our partner; all of these things become the struggles of life.

The good news is, meditation can help. It teaches you to strengthen awareness of your mind and its activity. You learn to observe it all — to watch your thoughts and emotions without getting cleared away by them. And, as a result, you are able to break free of the conditioned behaviour and habitual actions and reactions that control much of life.

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Meditating also shows you the true nature of your mind-made activity: none of it is permanent. Your mind tries to make you believe it is — it wants you to believe your problems will never go away. It wants you to believe they are more serious than anyone else’s problems. It makes everything seem urgent, critical, and (a lot of times) like a “life or death” situation.

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That’s how meditation have saved my life and I have better understanding about myself and now I have devoted myself to educate others in the art of meditation, I use my personal experiences and extensive training to relate to my clients. Help them on their journey of self-discovery and realisation, resulting in them feeling calmer, more at ease. The techniques I teach provide many benefits, becoming more productive, reduced anxiety and stress, improved relationships and enhanced overall wellbeing.

I meditate every day, and I like to believe I’m a bit more skilled than I was 2 years ago. Sometimes I’m not, though — and that’s fine. It’s not an exercise you try to “perfect,” it’s a way of being you consistently are and do.

Do you suffer from non-stop thoughts and a runaway mind?

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